If you’ve ever wondered what that weird looking texture is on your ceiling and walls, we’ve got the answers for you. Popcorn ceilings have different names; they can be identified as acoustic ceilings or textured ceilings. The weird looking design is created by spraying drywall compound onto the designated area. This gives the effect of a wavy texture that adds dimension to the walls. This type of texturing can be found in a lot of homes which were built around the mid-20th century. One of the main reasons that people dislike popcorn texturing is due to the fact that it is known to carry asbestos.

This can lead to potentially deadly consequences for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. If you own a home that has popcorn texturing on the walls or ceiling and want to remove it, we can help you find the right service provider. Removing popcorn texturing is quite difficult for the novice home improvement specialist so it is best to leave it up to the professionals.

If you’re located in Wellington, FL and want to remove your popcorn texturing the right way, contact GPS Painting Group. GPS Painting Group is a high-quality painting company who offers a wide range of services like popcorn removal Wellington. Their team of highly trained home improvement specialists will be able to help you remove popcorn texturing efficiently and safely.

Their pricing options are very affordable, and they can even give you an estimate for the project before they begin the removal process. If you’ve been wanting to remove popcorn texturing from your home but didn’t know where to start, now is the time. We understand what a difference a coat of paint makes.


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