Why Does Quality Paint Matter

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February 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Why Does Quality Paint Matter

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When you have the interior of your house painted, you expect the paint to be permanent until you decide to paint over it. There is nothing worse than seeing paint on walls crack or peel. Additionally, you do not want the paint to require five or six coats to effectively coat the wall. It should go on smoothly and in just one or two coats. The key ingredients that should be found in a quality paint are binders and pigment.


Depending on whether you are using a latex or oil based paint, the binder will be either an acrylic or oil. High-quality binders will perform better and adhere to the wall more smoothly. The binder is what also resists blistering and peeling, so a high-quality one is important.


There are two types of pigment in most paints: prime and extender. A high-quality paint will have primarily prime pigment which helps the color be more vibrant, improves the durability of the paint and helps the paint apply easier.
There are other additives you can look for in paint that help to improve the quality of it as well. These include preservatives, dispersing agents and mildewcides.

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