Types of Paint Decor to Consider for Your Home

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April 5, 2017

Types of Paint Decor to Consider for Your Home

Residential Painting

Painting your house is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add value to your home. A fresh coat of paint can drastically change the interior of your house. Soft tones tend to lighten and brighten rooms to help them feel bigger. Darker colors can add great contrast. Walls do not have to be a solid color though. There are some great techniques that you can use to add texture and variety to the walls simply using paint.


One of the popular trends right now is to use two shades of the same color in a room. Generally, the bottom portion is a darker shade and the top portion of the wall is a lighter shade of the selected color. This is a great visual effect that helps the colors to pop.


To add some variation and unique designs to your walls, stencils can be used. This could be used as an alternative to wallpaper. There are some great stencil designs available that can help you achieve a decorative wall in your home.


Painting stripes on your walls are very easy to do with painter’s tape as a guide. This is a fun way to add texture and multiple colors that complement each other on an accent wall.

Paint is a great medium to experiment with because it can easily be repainted. For more decorating tips when painting your house, call GPS Painting Group, LLC at 561-247-2468.